Gravels & Mulch

We have the largest selection of gravels and mulch in Fairfield County.  Our gravels include drainage gravel and decorative gravels used for driveways, walkways, and planting beds. The natural colors and the variety of sizes are sure to meet your need.  In addition, we can match any gravel you have simply by bringing us a sample of the stone you’d like to find.

Gault Stone is one of the only suppliers of organic mulch in the area. Organic mulch seems to have a significant impact on the overall health of the soil underneath, thus dramatically improving plant growth.  Organic mulch also helps ward off insects and some plant diseases.

Our inorganic mulch is a spruce-hemlock blend which offers a beautifully rich brown color not seen in other mulches.  Both of our beautiful mulches can be used can be used in gardens, flower beds and even as a playground base. Stop by one of our showrooms today to see for yourself the exquisite selection of gravels and mulch we carry which are sure to enhance any outdoor space.